Saturday, September 11, 2010

911 Never give up

Ran the Singleton 10 mile this morning. 10 miles!!!!! Wow.... My longest road race yet..... I knew it wouldn't be easy but I knew that if I REALLY want to be ready for the Atlanta Half Marathon my training has got to get picked up. So bye bye 5K and 10K..... 10 mile here I come.... Beautiful day outside, early start time, and great volunteers..... This should be fun. Mile 1 12:40, mile 2 25:31. Gut check at around 4 1/2 miles. Do the Singelton 5 mile or 10 mile?????Go Hard or go HOME. Looking up at the 5mile/10mile split I decide to stick with the 10. I glance up again and I see that I am the only person left doing 10 miler, the group of people I was just with were ALL 5milers... All I can think is "Dude you still weigh over 300 pounds... What am I doing?" Alone I continue on.... mile 6, mile 7, mile 8. My body aches , I am tired, I am thirsty. Course is empty now. The time keepers are gone.... Its just me, my ipod, the open road a few volunteers and the Dekalb County Police Department. Mile 9. Almost Home.... I am cramping, shedding a few tears also. Mile 10..... The finish.... 2 hours 27 min..... AND now the pain sets in...... NEVER GIVE UP

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Put me in coach.....

Just left doctor. Got a Cortisone shot in my left foot. It's crazy, all my years off football and I had 0 injuries NOW after losing near 100 pounds and running races these ailments POP up .... Life is crazy that way. Doc says I am good and I can continue to do what I do. So thumbs up for next weeks race on 9/11