Saturday, September 11, 2010

911 Never give up

Ran the Singleton 10 mile this morning. 10 miles!!!!! Wow.... My longest road race yet..... I knew it wouldn't be easy but I knew that if I REALLY want to be ready for the Atlanta Half Marathon my training has got to get picked up. So bye bye 5K and 10K..... 10 mile here I come.... Beautiful day outside, early start time, and great volunteers..... This should be fun. Mile 1 12:40, mile 2 25:31. Gut check at around 4 1/2 miles. Do the Singelton 5 mile or 10 mile?????Go Hard or go HOME. Looking up at the 5mile/10mile split I decide to stick with the 10. I glance up again and I see that I am the only person left doing 10 miler, the group of people I was just with were ALL 5milers... All I can think is "Dude you still weigh over 300 pounds... What am I doing?" Alone I continue on.... mile 6, mile 7, mile 8. My body aches , I am tired, I am thirsty. Course is empty now. The time keepers are gone.... Its just me, my ipod, the open road a few volunteers and the Dekalb County Police Department. Mile 9. Almost Home.... I am cramping, shedding a few tears also. Mile 10..... The finish.... 2 hours 27 min..... AND now the pain sets in...... NEVER GIVE UP


  1. Wow! Awesome job! Good for you for sticking it out. You had to feel FANTASTIC after that! You are such an inspiration.

    You are way ahead of me. My half is in 20 days and I certainly don't have a 10 mile race under my belt. Yikes!

  2. Thanks Kelly... I feel good about everything now but saturday I was in PAIN lol