Saturday, November 27, 2010

January 2010 - NOW

I have come along way this year. Hard to believe that I just ran a 1/2 marathon 2 days ago but I have the pain in my ankles and legs as a reminder. Last Thanksgiving I was so thankful to see another holiday and vowed that I would change my lifestyle and get healthy over the next 365 days. A year later I ran a 1/2 Marathon on Thanksgiving Day .
I am proud of myself for all the progress I have made. I have heard of going from couch potato to 5K but in 2010 I've gone from couch potato to 5K-10K and now I have earned my first medal . COUCH POTATO TO 1/2 MARATHON in 365 days.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Atl 1/2

3 weeks before the big one and I'm trying to mentally prepare. 13.1 miles is along way. Further than i have ever gone . I haven't done any special training so its all HEART from the sound of the gun. This is also my first race as a newly wed so i have to rep for me and my wife. Lets get it

Homecoming 2010 - A look in the Mirror

This past weekend was my high school homecoming. I had a chance to see and talk to alot of old friends and former teammates. Received several comments on my new slimmer look. And also got to look back at myself 15 years ago when I was high school senior 10 pounds lighter than i am right now. Out of shape and going through the motion'sof sports, school, life and growing up. Everyone wants to know why i do so much more. What happened from then to now? LOL i do it for the looks on your faces. I do it for the doubter's and naysayer's . I do this cause no one expected it of me. I do this for me