Saturday, November 27, 2010

January 2010 - NOW

I have come along way this year. Hard to believe that I just ran a 1/2 marathon 2 days ago but I have the pain in my ankles and legs as a reminder. Last Thanksgiving I was so thankful to see another holiday and vowed that I would change my lifestyle and get healthy over the next 365 days. A year later I ran a 1/2 Marathon on Thanksgiving Day .
I am proud of myself for all the progress I have made. I have heard of going from couch potato to 5K but in 2010 I've gone from couch potato to 5K-10K and now I have earned my first medal . COUCH POTATO TO 1/2 MARATHON in 365 days.


  1. Awesome job!!! Congratulations on such an awesome accomplishment! Wear that medal with pride.

    So what's the next goal :)

  2. next goal ... I have 3 1/2 marathons planned for 2011